Obama cell phone monitoring

How Americans have viewed surveillance and privacy since Snowden leaks | Pew Research Center

He said even low-level employees can unmask the caller. That is probably what happened to Flynn.

They are not targeting Americans. They are targeting foreigners.


Merkel calls Obama about 'US spying on her phone'

But they are doing it purposefully to get to Americans. Surveillance State.

Mobile Phones Susceptible to Monitoring

As I documented at the height of the controversy over the Snowden reporting, top government officials — including President Obama — constantly deceived and still deceive the public by falsely telling them that their communications cannot be monitored without a warrant. If it did, it is illegal.

It is breaking the law. Ted Lieu, the liberal congressman from California, has made it one of his priorities to stop the very power Hennessey and her IC colleagues pretend does not exist: warrantless spying on Americans.

Did Obama start the free phones program?

The FISA law that authorized it is set to expire this year, and this is what Lieu tweeted last week about his efforts to repeal that portion of it:. We need to reform it. Because NSA and other national security officials said so explicitly. On its face, the law gives the government authority to engage in surveillance directed at people outside the United States.

In the course of conducting that surveillance, though, the government inevitably sweeps up the communications of many Americans.

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During debate over that law, the White House repeatedly issued veto threats over proposed amendments from then-Sen. Congress has now begun debating whether to allow these provisions of the law to expire at the end of the year, whether to meaningfully reform them, or whether to let them be renewed again.

Obama Expands Surveillance Powers on His Way Out

Citing leaked US intelligence documents, it also reported that America conducted eavesdropping operations on the German government from a listening post at its embassy beside the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, one of more than 80 such centres worldwide. The White House declined to comment on the German media reports. Britain forced to sign EU statement expressing 'deep concern'.

Merkel condemns 'unacceptable behaviour' over US phone tap. US could have monitored Merkel's Nokia phone for years. NSA denies Obama was informed of Merkel phone tapping. US 'spied on future Pope Francis during Vatican conclave'.

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  7. Barack Obama hails new FBI director. Last week, however, Mr Obama assured Mrs Merkel that her phone is not being monitored now — and will not be in future. Its surveillance operations raises questions about whether US officials breached domestic laws. Even before the latest reports, German intelligence chiefs were preparing to travel to Washington this week to demand answers from the NSA about the alleged surveillance of Mrs Merkel.

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    Instead, he was confronted by outrage over the scale of US surveillance operations. Everyone is listening to everyone else. Such posts exist in 19 European cities, including Paris, Madrid, Rome and Frankfurt, according to the magazine, which has based its reports on documents provided by Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor. Mr Obama did not comment, but Republican supporters of the US intelligence community began a fightback on the political talk-shows. It keeps the US safe.