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They did have it hidden — I want say hidden — but placed in the utilities menu. The layered command allows you to use it anywhere, anytime, and it just brings up a command window where you type in what you want to find. You are looking for a command. I think putting it and help it makes good sense. Our next question related to it is a JAWS question. Why is JAWS not speaking the result in the calculator?

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Again, with the newest one that was just released in March, that has been corrected. It was reading everything in the calculator just fine except for the results. Typically you would put into plus two and hit enter, and it would tell you the results. That has been corrected since the release of March.

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This was all for version That is also a layered keystroke. When I say layered keystroke, I mean it requires three keys. You start with the insert-space. When you press F11, it will turn off the screen. But the same command will turn it back on. I know on the iPhone, whenever you use on the screen curtain, it cuts down on better usage immensely when the screen is not on. The screen curtain on the iOS devices is tricky to get turned on and off. At least it is for me. They are being there productive right now. Once they know what it is and what it does, they are pretty excited about it. We currently use Tile, however, they are imprecise.

Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Are we talking about trying to keep track of them in the playground or in the building? You have to have Wi-Fi to do it at all. There is always the issue of elopement. When kids are runners and they run away, where did they go? Can I track them?

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Those kinds of things. There are things for that type of issue where you can do real-time GPS with very great detail about where they are. You can see the moving along the street.


There are devices like that. But they have to be connected to Bluetooth. Once they lose that conductivity —. We actually have a couple in our loan library.

Spy app for iphone 6s Plus - Spying sms messages on iphone 6 plus

Here at EasterSealsTech. We have the ones that are called Trax Play. They are really small and insignificant. Just a great way for us to then connect it to somebody. Then you can have GPS tracking. The situation we came across here was tracking a student, but a student was running cross-country.

http://modernpsychtraining.com/cache/code/tamox-what-is-the.php He wanted a way to do real-time GPS. We look at this is may be an option to let them connect that to the student, the coach could have an app on his phone and be able to track them wherever he is. It takes 30 seconds for it to update itself. When you finally get a location for somebody, you have to wait 30 seconds for it to update itself again. The maps are not in great detail. That can sometimes be a challenge for folks as well.

He started this thing. He sort of dealing with this. So the idea is that if the person who was wandering is in the home, you can tell based on the position, are they in the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, on the front porch. Or if they get outside, then GPS kicks in. They said it has a three-day battery life and reports back to a family member or a caregiver, and they had an app that is real-time and can tell a lot of things like where are they now.

It also do things like how often did that person go to the bathroom, or how often did that person fix themselves a meal. Or at least spent time in the kitchen and the bathroom and the amount of time that makes sense for those activities. They are still doing testing in are not on the market yet, but CareBandRemembers.

We are going to release that show a little after the time this episode releases. Adam and I spent a lot of time talking about how that technology works. They are testing in Chicago and Bloomington. Blind Square is a GPS app for folks who are blind or visually impaired. They do a lot with iBeacons. They were displaying that. I think you guys were able to. The new app that Microsoft has just released, soundscape, also uses some of that beacon technology. Wade mentioned the one for the care band. You can find more information about the Trax Play device at TraxFamily.

You can go to resources, and under there you will find a wearable GPS tracking devices for kids guide. They have a list of those.

I think all of which needs — there are different costs points, but they are also tied to your data plan. I think you have to add those. There is watches, rectangular things you can attach to folks.

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There are a bunch that you can check out. Trax Play is obviously one of those. There are some different features available for those types of devices as well. Let us know. There are a variety of ways for you to do that. We have that listener line, We have an email address to send it to, tech EasterSealsCrossroads. We love to hear from you. During our last show, we spent a little time talking about the differences between the Amazon Echo, the Google Home, the Apple Homepod.

I know there was some back and forth regarding that stuff. I thought maybe we could hash out some of the differences that are between the Amazon Echo, the Google Home, the Homepod.

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I thought I would open it up. For me, I know a big difference is obvious of the Amazon echo has been around a long time and seems be a more well-defined product where it can control quite a bit of things in your home and whatnot. Other things that make them distinct from the other? Are you an Amazon shopper? If you are an Amazon shopper, you probably want to consider the A-lady.